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Professional Disposal of Documents

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We will make your electronic reporting for you

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We are pleased to offer you our new service:

Archiving of your bookkeeping and accounting documents.

Statutory safekeeping of accounting records (up to 5 years from the end of accounting period) is often pain in the neck for many managers. Looking for the answers to the same questions again?

  1. Where do we store the ever-heaping documents, many of which most likely will never be needed and will have to be destroyed after the expiry of mandatory keeping time?
  2. How do we ensure the safety of documents if there is no special storage place?
  3. How do we save the documents against possible misuse by dishonest employees?
  4. How do we get ready for sudden inspections by the controlling authorities?

Find easy solution with BRANWEN Group of Companies!

We offer safekeeping of your records in our specially equipped archival depositary, which offers good difference and many advantages against your in-the-office archive.

Cost saving and efficiency

Save room in your expensive office premises, save your equipment expenditures and labour costs. You may reduce your maintenance expenses and rather focus on profit-making business activities.

Good order

Your documents are prepared for depositary storage; they are kept in proper place and in good order. No duplicating copies, no missing documents!

Confidentiality and controlled access

Your records are stored in bar-coded boxes (carrying no other identification) which are stored in our depositary in a random way. The access to such off-the-office stored documents will only be given to your authorized staff. No more ways for the schemes by your competitors or disloyal employees, no more threatening unexpected inspections by the authorities!


We ensure safe custody of your records 24 hours a day! Our depositary has video monitoring equipment, fire safety equipment and alarm system. Our liability is insured.

Easy to receive

Depending on your requirements it may take from several hours up to 30 days to release your requested documents in line with applicable laws and regulations.

Archiving Costs

Monthly safekeeping 50 RUR/1 box
One-time processing of documents (filing, arrangement and placing in the archive)* 1 500 RUR/1 box
* Complete archiving procedures are performed upon request. You may choose to deposit your records without pre-archiving processing procedures.

Pre-archiving processing of documents
(cost for 1 archive box)

1 archive file 300 pages
1 archive box 5 files

Description Unit of measurement Unit price Total
File pagination 1 page 0,01 RUR 15 RUR
Record group statement (in the file) 1 headline 0,2 RUR 300 RUR
Bundling files for archiving 1 file 2,0 RUR 10 RUR
Placing boxes or bundles on the shelves 1 file 5,0 RUR 25 RUR
Making file register 1 register 50,0 RUR 250 RUR
Removing clips and staples, de-binding files 1 file 20,0 RUR 100 RUR
Removing documents from the files 1 file 20,0 RUR 100 RUR
Lacing documents (standard A4 pages) 1 file 50,0 RUR 250 RUR
Binding files - standard A4 pages, 4-6 cm back with cardboard backlining 1 file 50,0 RUR 250 RUR
Archive box 1 pc. 100,0 RUR 100 RUR
Box transportation to the depositary 1 box 100,0 RUR 100 RUR
    Total: 1 500 RUR